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Are you planning an electrical renovation in Brisbane?

There are a few things to consider and we can help make it a success. Every electrical renovation splits into 4 stages:
Concept, Demolition, Pre-Wire and Fit-Off/Commission.
Let’s look how we can assist at every stage.

Concept phase

A successful renovation starts with a good plan. Do you know what you want and need to get a quote? Or do you want to get ideas for a given budget?

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We have over 25 years in renovating the electrical aspect of Brisbane houses and units.

– We can estimate off a plan or if you have a concept, use one of our estimating templates that we have built up over years of experience to give you an accurate budget figure.
– If we have a site visit to assess the physical installation we can give a firm price so you have peace of mind on your project.
– We can also show you the most cost effective way of reaching your goal. What to leave in, what to take out, what to pre-wire for so you can do it in the future when you can afford it.

Here are some FAQ that we come across:

Here are my plans? Can I please get a quote for the electrical scope?

Sure. Please give us 2 days to come back with an estimate.

What would it cost to have more power points in every room?

If you budget on $100 to $150 per point you won’t be far off. This is dependent on style and brand of point and ease of access for wiring.

Would it make sense to install internet ports or wifi extenders as part of the Reno?

Absolutely!! We are getting more connected as part of everyday life. We recommend a hard-wired network point behind each Desk-top computer and each Entertainment Hub (TV, gaming, music). Also a distributed WiFi solution for the average of 8 connected hand held devices that an Australian family home has.

What can I leave in and what do I have to upgrade while it’s easy to do so for insurance and compliance purposes?

Let’s schedule a free inspection and look at what is currently installed, but we stress the Three S’s of home electrical safety. Safety Switches – Smoke Alarms – Surge Protectors.

Can you fit down lights if your ceiling contains asbestos?

Yes is the answer. But it depends on a few factors….. Lets talk about options and whats involved.

Is it possible to shift the wall / create a new room and what’s involved from an electrical point of view?
Yes… we do this all the time, but this is where experience comes in. There may be electrical services running through these walls that need to be rerouted because they feed other parts of the installation, sometimes this can be tricky but it’s mostly pretty straightforward.

Every house renovation is unique. Why not get in touch with us for a chat and utilise our experience? It’s free to chat.

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Demolition, Make-safe

Before you build something new, you have to dismantle the old. This is a hazardous phase and can unearth some nasty surprises.
Our part is all about keeping everyone safe.

– We de-energise the area/building to make sure that no one gets electrocuted and can work safely
– Set-up the construction site power supply
– Asses any risks and “unknowns” and report on these to you.


The easiest time to put in new cables is when the walls and floors are open and accessible.

We return to
– Put all the new cables into the walls, floors or roofs
– Reroute any cabling that needs to happen

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Fit-Off and Commission

The last step.
The plasterers and painters have finished their job.
Now we mount all power points, data points, light switches, lights, air cons and wall mounted TV’s.
We connect all appliances.
We restore the original power connection if required.
And we test everything before declaring your project safe and completed.
Enjoy your new home! 🙂

– We de-energise the area/building to make sure that no one gets electrocuted and can work safely
– Set-up the construction site power supply
– Asses any risks and “unknowns” and report on these to you.

If you are planning electrical renovations, call Brisbane’s   Tradesmen On Time!

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Experience and expertise of over 30 years within the electrical industry.


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Electrical renovations, electrical services and air conditioning installation in South & North Brisbane

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We have been around for a long time and have won state and national awards. We’re your friendly, professional electricians in Brisbane.

BTW, here is Megan, our office guru.

She is super-efficient and understanding. Megan will coordinate everything to keep your family and home safe!

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