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Summer …  and the garden grows a mile a minute. Over Christmas it’s tempting to get out there with your electrical garden tools and tame the jungle. But there’s a few things you need to do before you let rip.

1) Make sure your switchboard has a safety switch installed (and it works). It you whack your electrical cord with a tool, you could kill more than that branch you were aiming for.

2) Check your extension lead and electrical plugs. If they are damaged or frayed, don’t risk it. If the item is low cost, replace it. If it is high value, then call us to repair the cord or plug for you.

3) Make sure the extension cord is rated to match the equipment you are using it on. Generally you need outdoor heavy duty extension cables and not the thin indoor ones for maximum safety.

4) Keep the extension cord uncoiled. Yes – I know it gets tangled faster than you can say “The fish are biting”, but extension cords can overheat if left coiled or on a roll when in use.

5) Don’t use in wet or damp conditions. This includes not draping the cords through the dog’s water bowls, kids swimming pool, near the taps or through the fishpond. Electricity and water don’t mix.

6) Before unblocking or unclogging any shredder, mower or cutter – unplug the machine and wait for the blades to stop moving. Never adjust with it plugged in – you may lose more than just your fingers.

7) Keep the cable clear of the cutting area. This is particularly true for Whipper Snippers, hedge trimmers and electric lawn- mowers. It is super easy to run over the cord with the machine.

8) Make sure all connectors are properly plugged in. As you tug on the electric cord, the connectors may come loose. This may mean that live plugs are exposed creating a dangerous situation.

9) Be careful when using indoor powerpoints. If you don’t have outdoor power sockets, you may run the extension cord through the door and into the house. All it takes is a gust of wind for the door to slam and cut the cord – leaving it live. For maximum safety, get external powerpoints fitted.

For more information about electrical safety in the garden or if you would like to book a fully qualified, insured and trained electrician in the Brisbane area, please call TMOT 0415 623 770

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