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Lighting Installation Brisbane

Looking for downlighting or LED lighting installation in Brisbane? Contact the highly skilled team of professionals at Tradesmen on Time: 1300 853 564

Lighting is all-important in setting just the right mood for your home. Therefore this is an area which requires proper thought and careful planning — and at times like this it is always best to seek the advice of experienced lighting specialists such as the highly skilled team of professionals at Tradesmen on Time. Recognised experts are able to provide you with the energy efficient lighting that can cut your costs dramatically and be far more environmentally efficient and friendly.

Looking for downlighting or LED lighting installation in Brisbane

Do you really need a qualified expert for the installation?

Actually yes, if you want a really competent job done with the least possible inconvenience and the greatest efficiency. The work can be quite complicated, and you are likely to find that trying to do it yourself may be considerably more costly than bringing in a qualified, knowledgeable electrician.

Why make the switch from incandescent bulbs to LED?

The simple, short answer is major savings in the costs, which can be up to 75 per cent on your current bills.

Are there any other cost savings to be had?

Yes, if there is less heat in your home from light bulbs, that will result in less pressure on your air-conditioning unit. So that’s an added benefit right there!

What does installing downlights actually entail?

Holes have to be drilled in the ceilings to house the downlighting, and the wiring needs to be fed in and connected to the light switch. It is always advisable to let a professional electrician you have confidence in handle the entire installation — and in return you will have more peace of mind and less hassle.

Are there any other advantages to LED lighting?

Yes, durability and reliability, because the bulbs are far longer lasting with low radiated heat, and therefore more cost efficient. Directional LEDs are capable of very high brightness and intensity and there is a wide range of colours

Weigh all the pros and cons, and call in the leading experts

Tradesmen on Time are here in Queensland to provide you with all the information you will need to make that final decision, and can then do the necessary work, so that you can enjoy far better, cheaper lighting with no headaches. Just give us a call on 1300 853 564, or send us an e-mail to book a consultation.

And let us light up your life!

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