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dial before you digAre there underground electricity cables in your yard?

If you’re planning to do earthworks or landscape the yard think about where underground electricity cables might be located.

Most people know where their water and gas pipes run, but many forget that powerlines can also be underground.

The Electrical Safety Office is reminding homeowners and the general public to take extra care before and during digging activity.

Before you dig:

  • Be aware that electric cables can be difficult to identify as sometimes they may be encased in other materials like concrete, steel or plastic pipe.
  • Look for the presence of underground electric cables supplying buildings from the street or between buildings or to sheds, pools, garden lights, pumps etc.
  • Look for other signs of underground electric cables such as conduits and pipes on walls leading to the ground.
  • Look for changes in ground level over time such as ground levelling which might reduce the depth you expect underground electric cables to be located.

The recent death of a homeowner who inadvertently contacted an underground electric cable while digging a post hole in the backyard is a sad reminder of the danger. This is the second fatal electric shock involving digging a post hole in four years.

If you are planning to dig near utility infrastructure call ‘Dial Before You Dig’ on 1100, or go to http://www.1100.com.au/

Remember, having a safety switch installed on all your home electrical circuits is still the best way to help protect your family and yourself.

Safety switches save lives!


If you are still unsure where your power lines are, or would like advice by a qualified electrician, please call Tradesmen On Time on 0415 623 770 or visit www.tradesmenontime.com.au


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