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Our electricians often get asked about ways to help cut electricity costs. So here are some of our top tips to help you stay warm this winter, without the high electricity bills.

1. Shut all windows and doors before you crank up the heater. It’s amazing how many homes we go to with heaters on full bore, right next to open doors.

2. Use a draft stopper. The old fashioned draft stoppers at the base of doors really work to help keep the warm air in. Sometimes daggy is good!

3. Switch to LED bulbs vs. Halogen bulbs. Halogen lights burn through money and are a common cause of house fires. Switch to energy efficient LED’s to save money and increase your safety.

4. Insulate your home. Home insulation is a great way to keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer (just avoid foil insulation).

5. Use your line instead of clothes dryers. Clothes dryers chew through electricity faster than most other appliances, so only use them rarely.

6. Install a reverse cycle air conditioner. Split system reverse cycle air conditioners are more effective than other forms of heating and have the extra bonus of keeping you cool in summer. You may want to retire your old oil heater as they tend to be heavy energy users.

7. Remember to draw your curtains closed at night to keep the heat in. Warmth escapes through glass, so covering your windows with drapes or blinds helps stop the energy loss. Thick curtains with pelmets at the top keep in approx 37% more heat than bare windows.

8. Pop on a jumper or extra layer of clothing. We know Brisbane people love getting around in t-shirts all year round, but an extra layer of clothes will save you $ in your pocket.

9. Only heat the space you need. Rather than heating your whole house, just heat the rooms you are in at the time and remember to lower your room temperature at night while you are sleeping.

10. Be fireplace smart. If you have a fireplace, keep the door shut and close the damper when not in use (as fireplaces draw air from your home).


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