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Even though it is chilly and we are in the throes of winter, now might be a good time to start planning on getting your home ready for Spring. Spring is a great time to clear out all the clutter and give your home a fresh new look, to welcome the Summer!

Lighting is something we don’t usually think of changing, however not only can creative lighting change the look of your home, but save you money too.


Changing over to LEDs is a good start. As they have become more popular they are now available in an array of colours to create ambience for rooms such as the lounge and dining room and provide appropriate lighting for rooms such as the study, kitchen or garage. You will be saving on your power bill as LEDs consume only ? of the energy of conventional light bulbs and will last 10 x as long. In a previous blog we discussed LED v Traditional bulbs.

The LED colour spectrum ranges from Cool White, Daylight to Warm White

Warm White

Warm white is perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere. The mood lighting created would be ideal for living room, bedroom or dining room.

Cool White

Cool white is a lot brighter and would be suitable for office work, working in a kitchen or perfect for a bathroom.


Is perfect for a lounge room for reading or to create a natural effect, daylight is would be a great choice. It is very close to natural light and can be comfortably used anywhere in your home.


Replacing light fittings is an inexpensive way to give a room a new look.

Pendant or feature lights work well in open spaces especially over a feature such as an island bench in a kitchen or over a dining room or in big void over a set of stairs. A feature pendant or a couple of pendants depending on the size of a room can break up a room and create a lot of interest.

LED downlights work well in most spaces as they fit flush to the ceiling are unobtrusive but give good light.

For larger areas such as BBQ areas, patios or garages/workshops, LED Oyster lights or baton LEDs which look like the old 36 Watt Fluro lights, provide a flood of light.

To bring the outdoors alive at night, there are quite a few options available. Centre lighting or LED Flood lighting in gardens such as low voltage lighting on spikes in the ground can light up a tree, plant or a feature artwork.

If you feel inspired to get creative with lighting in your home, we would be very happy to assist in the project workerscompensationlawyer-philadelphia.com. We can give advice and supply and install the lighting required an only supply high quality, industry standard products and guarantee our workmanship. Contact Tradesmen on Time today.

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