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Commercial Lighting Brisbane

LEDs & Commercial Lighting Installation by TMOT Electricians in Brisbane

Lighting Solutions in Springwood, Strathpine, Caboolture, Bribie, Ipswich, Logan, Moreton Bay, Redland


Safety is the most important factor in a public space. The way to make a space feel safer and be safer is to correctly and properly illuminate it.

Body Corporate Tenancies

For residential communities such as apartment blocks or townhouse complexes, retirement villages or managed gated communities the lighting solutions all need to be managed by a body corporate. It is that body corporates responsibility to look after the lighting of the common areas such as car parks, pathway lighting, stairwells and corridors.

Should a resident or guest come to any harm as a result of the area being poorly lit – the body corporate is liable.


Commercial Premises

For commercial property the proper and safe lighting of your business is vital to the safety and risk reduction on site. Workplace Health and Safety QLD stipulate that poor lighting and/or the lack of emergency lighting and illuminated signage during power failure or emergency situations can lead to serious workplace incidents, they have a set of recommendations on their website to help you avoid risk.

Tradesmen On Time understand the standards at which a commercial premises needs to be illuminated to and can offer you guidance with lighting design, lighting installation and scheduled maintenance of your lighting to ensure that your lighting solutions always comply, always work and are looked after.

Commercial Lighting

Great lighting needs planning and forethought. The right lighting sets a relaxed mood – say in the board room, or lunch room, makes an area easier to work in like in the workshop or office, light also gives a clear area in which to work or makes a statement – like in your reception area.

Tradesmen On Time – Electrical Contractors in Brisbane, are specialists in advising on and installing all forms of lighting including custom lighting for commercial premises.


Lighting Solutions

Our team are experienced in installing all forms of home lighting including:


Energy Efficient Lighting


LED lighting


Wall lights


Commercial grade lighting


Halogen conversions




Exterior lighting


Scheduled maintenance – bulb replacements


Spotlights and movement sensor lights


Kitchen lights


Ceiling fan lights


Car park and pathway lighting

Commercial Electrical Tips






We suggest that you replace your older Halogen lights with newer more sustainable LED lights that consume 5 times LESS power than halogen lights.


We suggest that you replace your old switchboard with the new smart meters to help reduce your downtime due to blown old porcelain fuses


We suggest that you test and tag your electrical systems as often as legislation states with one of our routine scheduled maintenance packages.


We suggest that if you are going to run air conditioning – (and in SE QLD this is vital) that you choose Evaporative Air Conditioning. Evaporative air conditioners use up to 80% less power, while delivering fresh cool air and enhanced ventilation.


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