Commercial Evaporative Air Conditioning

Installation, Service, Maintenance & Repairs

Looking to Install, Service, Repair or Maintain Your Commercial Evaporative Air Conditioner?

Evaporative air conditioners deliver ongoing economic benefits to commercial operations. The use up to 80% less power, while delivering fresh cool air and enhanced ventilation.

Tradesmen on Time believes so strongly in evaporative air-conditioning, that we recently bought EASQLD, and have employed a number of their team to deliver a quality service and experienced know-how to Brisbane commercial properties.

We are fully licenced and certified, with the added bonus that our team are also licenced electrical contractors which means any electrical issues or faults can be remedied in the one callout.

We can help with:

  • Commercial evaporative air conditioning supply and installation
  • Repairs to most makes and models of commercial evaporative systems
  • Scheduled and on-off maintenance of commercial evaporative air conditioners


Our Brands

We are experienced in most makes and models of evaporative air-conditioning including Breezair, Braemar, Coolair, Coolbreeze, Haier, Convair and Climate Wizard.

Evaporative Air Conditioner Service & Maintenance

Evaporative air conditioners require regular maintenance to operate safely and effectively. In most commercial environments, annual maintenance is required, although in food preparation areas or areas with high air particulates, then quarterly maintenance is recommended.


We check, clean and maintain the following:

  • Filter Pads – Pads need to be replaced every 1-5 years, depending on your environment and evaporative air conditioner.
  • Pumps, Float Valve & Drain Valve – We check your pump and valves to ensure that mineral salts in the water have not hindered their effectiveness.
  • Electrical –  We inspect all electrical connections and components and conduct thorough functional tests to ensure their safe operation.
  • Thermostat – Just like a car, your thermostat needs to operate at the correct temperatures. We test your thermostat for accuracy.
  • Mountings – We check your mountings and anti-vibration matting to minimise annoying rattles.
  • Cleaning & Anti-bacterial Treatments – Mould and mildew can build up in evaporative systems. We inspect and clean your system to Australian standards.
  • Winter Shut-downs – We can close-down your evaporative system before winter and fit winter covers to extend the life of your system.


Evaporative Air Conditioner Breakdown Repairs

If your evaporative air conditioner is on the blink, or not working effectively, then call Tradesmen on Time. Our team will be there fast, and will efficiently and professionally repair most makes and models of commercial evaporative air conditioners.

Our team follow safe systems of work and arrange a time to work on your property to minimise disruptions to your team and customers.


Need help with commercial evaporative air conditioning? Call us!

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