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Emergency Exit Lighting Testing

Safe, Compliant, On-time Testing

If you have exit lights or emergency lights in your office or building, carparks, stairwells or corridors you need to have them checked every six months under Australian Standards 2293.2. We conduct exit and emergency lighting tests for Brisbane businesses.


Our exit light testing service includes:

  • 90-minute battery testing either using manual testing or circuit breaker testing.
  • Inspecting and replacing bulbs and lights as needed.
  • Inspecting and replacing diffusers.
  • Inspecting and replacing batteries.
  • Cleaning all light reflecting surfaces to ensure maximum illumination.
  • Checking for compliance with current safety standards in terms of distance and sign type.
  • Documenting the tests completed for your safety log book and maintenance book.

Emergency Exit Testing

Stay safe & compliant



Complete Business Electrical Safety Testing

If you are looking for a total electrical safety solution, we can combine your exit light testing with testing of your smoke alarms, emergency lighting, circuit breaker tests, safety switch tests and your electrical equipment test and tag process for a complete business safety service.

We can also replace existing halogen bulb exit or emergency lighting options with more power efficient and long-lasting LED lighting options to help save your business money over the long term.

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