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Christmas Lighting Electricians Brisbane

Electrical Safety Contractors for Christmas Lights in North Brisbane


Install your Christmas lights safely! Check out our safety tips or contact our expert Christmas lighting electricians in Brisbane! Call 1300-853-564 today!

The Christmas season is such a joyous time for both young and old. We have so many wonderful traditions that go back hundreds of years. There is the delightful Christmas tree trimmed with tinsel and shiny baubles, beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree and let’s not forget the Christmas Feast that brings loved ones together around the dining table, donning silly paper hats and the glee of pulling a cracker and the fight for the little trinket, and second helpings of Mum’s Christmas Trifle!

The other tradition which is a delight for the neighbourhood, especially the kids, is decorating your home and property with Christmas themed lights. They have become so popular and each year families get so excited to go on the Christmas lights trail, and make it an evening out. Participating addresses are usually printed in the local paper. In some cases it’s a bit of competition between neighbours to see if they can outdo each other, but all in jest and in the spirit of Christmas.

There are of course hidden dangers lurking and great care should be taken when installing Christmas lights to ensure the safety of your family.

Here is a previous blog we did ARE YOUR CHRISTMAS LIGHTS A DEATH TRAP? with very useful information, and here are our top 4 Top Safety Tips:

  1. Make sure your xmas lights are protected by Safety Switches
  2. Make sure your xmas lights Meet Australia Standards
  3. Do not use indoor lights outside
  4. Check for faults and damage before use

As an Accredited Master Electrician Chris Lehmann shares more on Christmas Lighting safety with the viewers on 7 News – take a look!

Give us a call if you are thinking of turning your home into a Christmas Wonderland and want to ensure that your Christmas lights display is safe before you power up, especially if you are opening your home to the public.


Christmas Lighting Electricians Brisbane – Electrical Safety Contractors North Brisbane

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