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Ceiling Fan Installation Brisbane

We Supply and Install Ceiling Fans across Brisbane and Surrounding Suburbs!

Well, this long, difficult summer is nearly over and so, we sincerely hope, are the fierce bushfires and the devastating floods. As things slowly return to normal, here are a few tips from your friends at Tradesmen On Time on how to stay cool, and save money on your electricity bill too.

With energy becoming more and more expensive, it makes sense to try and save money wherever possible, both at home and at work

In fact, using ceiling fans and air conditioning simultaneously to circulate the air more effectively, helping to ensure even distribution and eliminate cold spots, can actually save money, even though it is tempting to just turn off the fans and use the air conditioner full on for an Arctic blast.

When you use electricity from the grid, you pay about 26c/KWh, and if you have grid-connected solar and sell your excess energy to the grid you will be paid approx. 6-11c/KWh, so it makes sense to invest in solar panels, install timers and shift your time of use for large electrical loads to the daylight hours

And if you don’t have ceiling fans or want to upgrade, Tradesmen on Time can supply and fit a wide range of decorator ceiling fans in all shapes and colours inside your home or outside in your entertaining area. And we can also swap over any existing ceiling fans that may be looking a bit worn out, or only run at one speed.

Check out our previous blog Maximise the benefits of using a ceiling fan with air conditioning this Summer.

To save on air conditioning costs: insulate your home and close up the room being cooled. Shut its windows and doors, curtains and blinds, and check and clean your filters regularly. Have your air conditioner serviced once a year as well

Ceiling Fan & Air Conditioner Installation in Brisbane

The benefit of using both ceiling fans and air conditioners is that you end up saving money in winter too, when you want to keep your home warm and cosy. By reversing the fans with the flick of a switch, the warm air is pulled down off the ceiling and closer to you.

Now is the best time to call and make an appointment for a quote for new fans and air conditioners. Because if you only have ceiling fans, it makes sense to look at installing air-conditioning and solar panels too!

For a few quick energy saving tips that are especially pertinent, here’s a link to the Tradesmen on Time e-book 40 Energy Saving Tips around the Home — call us to check out our best deals and, if you want to stay cool and save money, contact us today!

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