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Clipsal have a great range of high quality off the shelf products ideally suited for outdoor areas and home workshops/garages.  We believe their range of domestic weatherproof switchgear is the best on the market.  They also have fluro lighting solutions, and motion sensor products to control that outdoor lighting for both function and security applications.

Their portable safety switch power boards are the choice of tradies and handymen Australia wide, and their all-in-one powerpoint and safety switch can turn the dodgy old shed into a safe installation without expensive wiring changes.

Check out this link for some ideas     http://www.clipsal.com.au/homeowner/products/room_solutions/garage_and_shed

Today’s garage is a versatile place. Make sure you have plenty of power outlets for every power tool. The shed – a man’s refuge and home of half finished projects. No matter how large or small the humble garden shed is, it’s worth running underground power to the site. You’ll be able to power up a light, plug in a power tool or fire up the bug zapper.


Weatherproof Power Outlets
When vacuuming the car it’s handy to have an outlet close by to plug into, especially one that is protected from the elements.



Weatherproof Switches
This innovative product allows you to control the lighting, in any weather. Located around the exterior of the garage, this switch will not short out when exposed to rain.



Fluorescent Lights
A great way to light a large area with a constant level of light.


Halogen Floodlight
A floodlight outside the garage or shed can be a useful addition to your home’s lighting. Whether you’re working on the car or simply want some extra light to boost security, a weatherproof fl oodlight will brighten your space after dark.  




Surface or Flush Mounted Switchboard
No matter where your switchboard is located, it makes sense to install a model that is as compact and unobtrusive as possible. Clipsal has met this challenge with a range of streamlined designs for all applications, that don’t compromise on quality. 



Infrascan Outdoor Motion Detector
Make your way to and from the garage or shed safely at night. The Infrascan acts as a light controller and provides an automatic on/off function based on movement. Great for security too.



Portable RCD Protected Power Outlet
A portable power outlet offers a safe and flexible solution for when you need to run power to those not so easily accessible areas.


Protected Power Points
Don’t allow your shed to become a danger zone by scrimping on power points or installing ones that won’t do the job right. Install a few twin outlets on your workbench to power up all those handyman tools.

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