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Brisbane AC Systems – Installation & Maintenance

Every single year as the inevitable intense heatwave arrived I used to say ‘I must buy that air con unit.’ And it was always too late… sold out… or can’t get it done for weeks!!. But then that was before I had made the acquaintance of Tradesmen On Time, Brisbane’s brilliant, punctual, award-winning master electricians. Think ahead, book now to beat the summer rush for air con installs.

Would you like to take the sting out of our hot Queensland summers and keep comfortably warm during winter too? It’s really nice to know that you’ll never have to swelter through a sticky summer night  ever again – or freeze on a chilly winter morning either!

Tradesmen On Time supply and install premium split system air conditioners and quality evaporative air conditioning systems across Brisbane. And Tradesmen On Time provide maintenance services too for regular and on-off split system air conditioning and all the main evaporative air conditioning systems.

No more inefficient old rattling air conditioners eating up power – and we can advise you on how to save energy and money all through the summer

That means Tradesmen On Time can replace your existing old inefficient air conditioning unit with a modern variable speed low power, split system air conditioning unit with full warranty.

And remember, everything works better when it’s correctly maintained. Tradesmen on Time will check all your filters and coils, drains, thermostats and even your mountings, and clean and replace whatever is necessary

AC Electricians Brisbane. CALL 1300 853 564

Tradesmen On Time are the only electrical firm that can give you price, speed and quality every single time. Based in North Brisbane but servicing the whole Brisbane Metro area as well as Caboolture, Bribie, Ipswich, Logan – why not ring our super-efficient, understanding office guru Megan right now?

Need an electrician? Tradesmen On Time can help. Tradesmen On Time’s three core values are Do it Right – Do it On Time – Add Value.

What size air conditioning system do you need? It really pays to talk to a trained electrical specialist about your requirements – that way you can ensure that you get the very best cooling solution for your family. And just one call to Tradesmen On Time will sort out all your electrical wiring and installation needs. Choosing the right air conditioner for your home takes know-how and experience – room size, room design, and direction your house faces are all relevant.

Let Tradesmen On Time help you get ready for next summer. It’ll make a world of difference. 


Local Emergency Electrician in South & North Brisbane

We have been around for a long time and have won state and national awards. We’re your friendly, professional electricians in Brisbane.

BTW, here is Megan, our office guru.

She is super-efficient and understanding. Megan will coordinate everything to keep your family and home safe! Contact Megan now!

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