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Looking for air conditioning in Brisbane? Tradesmen On Time are a local team of friendly, experienced and qualified Brisbane electricians who guarantee to turn up, and who specialise in energy efficient air conditioning installation.

Install, service, repair and maintain your air conditioner — Tradesmen On Time’s air conditioning electricians don’t cut corners on your safety, and we always do the job right the first time. Founded by Chris Lehmann – the Head Electrician and Director — the business commenced operation in 2006 and has grown to be a great team of qualified local sparkies and apprentices who guarantee to provide satisfaction and quality workmanship to all our domestic and commercial customers.

AC Installation & Repair – Air Conditioning Electrician Brisbane

Would you like energy efficiency, a healthy lifestyle, and great performance? Breezair is the market leader and number one in natural cooling. And it’s the quietest and most efficient product of its type on the market too.

It’s spring — and almost summer — so there are decisions about air conditioning installations we can’t put off any longer. Especially when our special indoor-outdoor lifestyle is so civilized and so important to us all in Queensland. Have you heard about evaporative cooling, or are you still happy with the energy hungry, considerably more expensive, ducted air conditioning? An evaporative cooler uses the power of evaporation to cool your home in just the same way as a sea breeze keeps you cool at the beach on a hot day.

Whether you need cooling for medium or large areas, the award winning Breezair brand always provides uncompromising safety, reliability, comfort and energy efficiency.

Seeley International’s Breezair is fantastic – more economical, and its carbon footprint is far smaller too. Enjoy being able to leave all your windows and doors wide open all year round. In cool mode hot, dry, outside air is pumped through wet cooling Chillcel pads and the heat is absorbed, lowering the air temperature. A fan pushes the cool air around the house through a network of ducts.

On those really humid days that we sometimes experience in Brisbane, simply switch to fan mode to utilise the moisture already in the air to give you healthy and natural cooling.

Seeley International is Australia’s largest air conditioning and ducted gas heating manufacturer, and a global leader in developing ingenious, energy efficient cooling and heating products.

Get ready for this summer with one of our air conditioner deals and save at least A$200.

Tradesmen On Time are super-efficient and understanding — and punctual too — and we have won a lot of state and national awards for our air conditioning installations.

Contact Tradesmen On Time today for an obligation-free quote from our air conditioning electricians.


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We have been around for a long time and have won state and national awards. We’re your friendly, professional electricians in Brisbane.

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