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Ceiling Fans Brisbane

Learn how you can reduce your electricity bills with the combined use of air conditioners and ceiling fans in Brisbane! If you need help call: 1300 853 564

Ceiling fans were the high-tech household comfort appliance of the late 19th and early 20th century. They were invented in the 1880s, mainly to cool factories and hotels, and were installed in homes in the 1920s, long before residential air conditioning.

Wind chill results from the movement of air across the skin that disperses body heat and evaporates perspiration, intensifying the perception of coolness. Ceiling fans move large volumes of air at low velocity.

Many authorities and manufacturers recommend setting AC temperatures at 24*C but if you are using air conditioning and a ceiling fan together you can raise the thermostat setting by up to 2*C  without noticing a reduction comfort. The fan does not actually lower the temperature, but it does make the air feel considerably cooler by circulating it, and you will find that fans will circulate the cold air coming from the air conditioners far more efficiently than a central air conditioner can do on its own.

Reduce Your Electricity Bills with Air Conditioners + Ceiling Fans in Brisbane

Lower your cooling costs every month — and save energy, cut energy consumption and proportionally downsize the carbon footprint of your house!

So the savings come from turning up your your air conditioning thermostat, because every degree you can raise your thermostat will save you more money, especially if you turn your fan on when you enter the room and off when you leave.

Set the speed  of the air conditioning fan on high, except on very humid days

And when the humidity is high, set the fan speed on low for more comfort. The lower speed on humid days will cool more effectively and thus remove more moisture from the air. That water you see “dripping” outside is actually the moisture removed from the air inside.

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