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Emergency Electrician Brisbane

If you are in Brisbane, that’s us — Tradesmen On Time are here for you to rely on in times of danger and stress. If you seriously believe that there is the slightest risk of fire or electrocution, then dial 000 immediately to contact the emergency services, and then get out and go to a safe location. After that, please contact us.

How much do you expect an emergency response to cost?

At Tradesmen On Time for Emergency Response we have a minimum cost of $300 for labour which covers leaving other work to return, the first 90 minutes and $105/hr after that plus parts, and on average our emergency call-outs do stay that low. Outside standard trading hours — from 4pm to 7am on Monday to Friday and on the weekend — it is more costly as we charge a minimum $600 call out fee due to overtime charges and workplace laws.

Free professional advice to deal with your immediate situation, and then your problem dealt with as soon as possible at the most cost-effective price

When you click on the Tradesmen On Time ‘Emergency Response’ hybrid solution though, you go through to our “What do I do in an electrical emergency?” section, and then we take you through the immediate responses to most electrical emergencies. You can follow those yourself, so we help you to troubleshoot and make your installation safe until we are able to come over during regular business hours. We will always prioritise an emergency over a non-critical scheduled job.

Sometimes it is only a one minute DIY job and you just need to reset a safety switch on your switchboard, and sometimes it’s five minutes if you have to find a faulty electrical appliance to disconnect. With sensible advice over the telephone, there are many common issues which you can probably resolve by yourself

Most of our emergency work is:
– Power out and won’t reset
– Another trade has been there and damaged a cable/light etc
– Another trade is there to do something, and there is an electrical cable or equipment in the way
– a sparky who was booked to do a job has let them down
– an unsafe electrical situation exists, such as a sparking switch, smoke or bad smell in a switchboard, a fire alarm that won’t stop.

If there is severe damage and we need to undertake significant corrective action, then we always provide an estimate before starting work.


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